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Status Quaestions is a Journal of the Department of European, American, and Intercultural Studies. The Department, a leading teaching and research institution which represents a broad range of Linguistic and Literary disciplines, is a space of interdisciplinary and intercultural exchange. 

The mission of SQ is to stimulate and enhance this exchange. A biannual journal that includes a Literature and a Linguistics issue – both of which are monographic – SQ is especially interested in intercultural and inter-linguistic phenomena, and in questions of methodology. We believe that fields can advance only through a sustained conversation with other fields.    

Literature issues welcome contributions based on comparative approaches or emergent theoretical models. We regard “theory” as a dialogical field, unconstrained by national or disciplinary borders. We value approaches as diverse as thematic criticism and post-classical narratology, as well as the application of established models and methods to unexplored fields. 

We are interested, in particular, in the relation between culture and narrative or poetic forms, in the anthropological underpinnings of the literary imagination, in the reception of antiquity in modern cultures, in the debate on world literature, and in literature and myth, both historically and theoretically.