(Re)Translating Culture-Bound Elements in Gomorrah – The Series: A Corpus-Based Investigation into Relocated Identities

Antonio Fruttaldo


The following investigation analyses the way in which Gomorrah – The Series has been adapted for an international audience. In particular, some of the processes that have brought a local reality into a glocal context will be analysed, focusing on how culturebound elements are rendered in (re)translation. More specifically, the following study uses Corpus Linguistics methodologies in order to look at the specific linguistic patterns that can be highlighted in the construction through subtitling of a given representation of the reality in which the TV series is set and the characters are immersed. The following contribution, therefore, wants to investigate to what extent (in the subtitles) the translation into Italian of the Neapolitan script of Gomorrah – The Series and its (re)translation into English contribute to the transcultural remediation of the reality construction process enacted in the translation of this AVT product. This will confirm some of the observations made in previous studies on other forms of the transmediation of the original exposé by Roberto Saviano (2006).

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.13133/2239-1983/14574