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N° 3 (2012) The Dialogical Self and the Centrality of Narrative: Lyotard and Rorty Abstract   PDF
Nicholas Pagan
N° 1 (2011) "The Practice of the Bible in the Middle Ages", ed. By Susan Boynton and Diane J. Reilly Abstract   PDF
Piero Boitani
N° 1 (2011) "The Routledge Companion to World Literature", ed. by Theo D’haen, David Damrosch, Djelal Kadir Abstract   PDF
Laura Talarico
N° 2 (2012): Tradition and Innovation at the Royal Court Theatre The Royal Court Today Abstract   PDF   PDF (English)
Michael Billington
N° 7 (2014) The Stuffed Turkey Abstract   PDF
Igina Tattoni
N° 7 (2014) The “Cognitive Turn”: A Short Guide for Nervous Drivers Abstract   PDF
Pilar Martinez Benedi
N° 5 (2013) Theatre Translation Studies: An overview of a burgeoning field (Part I: Up to the early 2000s) Abstract   PDF
Imaculada Serón Ordóñez
N° 7 (2014) Theatre translation studies: An overview of a burgeoning field (Part II: From the early 2000s to 2014) Abstract   PDF
Inmacolada Serón-Ordóñez
N° 7 (2014) Thomas G. Pavel, The Lives of the Novel. A History Abstract   PDF
Marco Viscardi
N° 5 (2013) Tom Stoppard, Darkside, a BBC play for radio incorporating The Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd Abstract   PDF
Irene Ranzato
N° 8 (2015) Tra ricezione e rielaborazione del passato: un exemplum moderno. Gea di Luca Enoch. Abstract   PDF
Maria G. Castello
N° 5 (2013) Tracing Speech Acts Through Text and Genre: Directives and Commissives in Queen Elizabeth I's Political Speeches and in Shakespeare's Henry V Abstract   PDF
Donatella Montini
N° 1 (2011) "Tradizioni epiche e letteratura", a cura di Gian Franco Gianotti Abstract   PDF
Emanuela Zirzotti
N° 11 (2016): “North and South: British dialects in fictional dialogue”. Edited by Irene Ranzato "Translating British Dialects: The Interplay Between Cockney and Cockney Rhyming Slang in Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and Snatch and their Italian Dubbed Version" Abstract   PDF (English)
Silvia Monti
N° 9 (2015): La ricerca del vero. Ricordando Agostino Lombardo Una giornata particolare Abstract   PDF
Davide Crosara
N° 1 (2011) "Velichka Ivanova, Fiction, utopie, histoire. Essai sur Philip Roth et Milan Kundera" Abstract   PDF
Federica Spinella
N° 3 (2012) Virginia Woolf, "La signora Dalloway" (trad. di Marisa Sestito) Abstract   PDF
Maria Grazia Tonetto
N° 3 (2012) Visioni dantesche nella conclusione de "Il Maestro e Margherita" Abstract   PDF (English)
Laura Moudarres
N° 6 (2014): Literature at the Intersection of Medicine and Culture Visualizing Patients’ Unreliability Abstract   PDF   PDF (English)
Maria Vaccarella
N° 8 (2015) Vivono fra noi. L’uso del classico come espressione di alterità nella produzione fumettistica giapponese. Abstract   PDF
Carla Scilabra
N° 5 (2013) Words, Bytes and Numbers: le Digital Humanities “viste da vicino” Abstract   PDF
Federica Perazzini
N° 2 (2012): Tradition and Innovation at the Royal Court Theatre «Extraordinary silence this evening»: Beckett, the Royal Court Theatre and Krapp’s Last Tape Abstract   PDF   PDF (English)
Keir Elam
N° 1 (2011) «L’isola dimenticata». La Sardegna nell’opera di Alfred Steinitzer, Max Niehaus e Thomas Münster Abstract   PDF
Valentina Serra
N° 1 (2011) «Neorealismo with a satirical outlook»: Alberto Sordi (1920-2003) and the stardom of the commedia all’italiana genre Abstract   PDF
Giacomo Boitani
N° 4 (2013): Coincidenza & provvidenze «Yo no veo, Sancho – dijo don Quijote – sino a tres labradoras sobre tres borricos»: le coincidenze mancate di Don Quijote II, 10 Abstract   PDF
Flavia Gherardi
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